Annual Dinner

KCALSI’s Annual Dinner events celebrate our progress in the regional life sciences and highlight an area of interest. 

2016 KCALSI Annual Dinner

Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute is currently seeking artwork submissions for the 2016 Annual Dinner “Science to Art” silent auction reflecting a collection of scientific images from our stakeholders that were turned into art. Fill out the submission form.

2015 KCALSI Annual Dinner

2015 Annual Dinner: Exponential Health: Solving Today's Problems with the Technologies of Tomorrow

Held on September 30, 2015, the theme of the KCALSI Annual Dinner was “Exponential Health: Solving Today’s Problems with the Technologies of Tomorrow”. 

While our world view continues to expand, it is also shrinking as we appreciate our inherent inter-connectedness and dependencies on the global community. Our thinking and organizations remain linear, hindered by hierarchy, centralization, closed-systems, and top down concepts. The introduction of exponential thinking is closing the gap between linear thinking and an exponential environment by leveraging openness, transparency, and abundance of resources.

We were honored to have as our keynote speaker Salim Ismail, founding Executive Director of Singularity University (SU) and Global Ambassador, focusing on its global presence. Mr. Ismail addressed, Shifting from Linear to Exponential Thinking, stressing the necessity of changing one’s mindset from linear to exponential. He is an angel investor, speaker, advisor, entrepreneur and strategist.  Ismail co-founded Confabb, PubSub Concepts, and Angstro, with the latter being purchased by Google in 2010.  Prior to SU, Ismail was a Vice President at Yahoo and the Head of Brickhouse, Yahoo’s internal “ideas factory” where game-changing ideas were brought in, built and launched.  Ismail is the co-author of Exponential Organizations, with co-authors Mike Malone and Yuri van Geest, released in late 2014.

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Science to Art

This year’s “Science to Art” silent auction featured the intrinsic art found in biomedical research. Images submitted from regional institutions were professionally curated, printed, and framed. The auction proceeds will be donated to support “STEAM” education (STEM and Art) in our community.